1930–), Polish illustrator. Wilkón graduated from Jagellonian University (1954) and the Academy of Fine Arts (1955), both in Cracow, and works as an illustrator and designer of children's books for Polish publishing companies (e.g., Nasza Ksiegarnia, Czytelnik, Interpress) and for foreign presses (e.g., Flammarion, Bohem Press). Wilkoń has illustrated more than one hundred books in Poland, and more than fifty-five abroad, using graphic techniques such as watercolor, tin plate, tempera, and wood. His images convey emotion and humor, with animal characters that are slyly human and landscapes that are lavishly beautiful. This distinctive style is clearly seen in Siedem Księżyców (1970; English trans., Seven Moons), O Królu Slońcu i Jego Czterech Córkach (1971; English trans., King Sun and His Four Daughters), and Waldkonzert (1979; English trans., Forest Concert). Wilkoń's contribution to the development of book illustration is enormous, and his artwork has been showcased all over the world.




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ARTTRAKT Gallery is located at the intersection of Ofiar Oświęcimskich Street and Solny Square in Wrocław, in a part of a Renaissance tenement house reconstructed after the II World War. It used to belong to a Wrocław patrician, Heinrich von Rybish, n.b. an art collector. After the War, the flat on the first floor of the building was a home of Eugeniusz Geppert – an artist, painter, founder and the first Rector of the State Higher School of Visual Arts (PWSSP); he lived and worked there together with his wife, Hanna Krzetucka – a painter and initiator of Eugeniusz Geppert Competition.



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