Miłosz Wnukowski (1986)


Graduated from Painting Faculty, Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice (2010) where he studied under supervision of Prof. Jacek Rykała. Wnukowski is currently an Assistant at Jacek Rykała's studio at the same institution. The artist works mainly in painting, installation and video art, being also a photographer, cinematographer and a co-founder of Secondo TV. A recipient of a scholarship from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, he was also awarded many other prizes, such as a grant from Canadian Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation in 2009.

In his art, Miłosz Wnukowski explores the subjects of death, human suffering, how these problems are presented by media and what the impact of the media on our worldview is. His works are executed with almost baroque attention to detail; they touch upon violent and painful issues; there is something repulsive and disturbing about them that does not let you hush your conscience. Realistic form of expression and images cast somewhat straightforward, with no soothing halo, bring to mind documentary photography, despite –  as the artist emphasizes – the emotional nature of the works. Human suffering that we encounter in the world of media every day, when presented on canvas somehow becomes more outrageous, thus making the works upsetting. They cause discomfort in the viewers who expect painting to bring merely aesthetic pleasure or easy message. In Wnukowski's works, the decline of human nature is symbolized by an animal: a wolf (image depicting two human figures with wolf heads, eating each other), a snake (image depicting a snake eating a dead body), finally taking up a shape of an impaled pig's head – a motif taken from “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding, where it represents Satan, the embodiment of all evil. The reference to the novel about children is another trail followed by Wnukowski in his observations of childhood and apparent innocence associated with it. The dissonance between carefreeness and human brutality, which can also apply to children, becomes a leitmotif of the artist's work. Childhood and related innocence in treating the world as a big playground is here mixed with suffering. Toys turn into torture devices, and torture devices become toys.



Miłosz Wnukowski


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