The show “niemoc/impotence” by Beata Ewa Białecka (October 4 – November 5, 2013), a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, a winner of Grand Prix at 20 Festival of Polish Contemporary Painting, Szczecin 2006 and a nominee to Paszport Polityki award in the category of Visual Arts in 2007, featured portraits of women known from christian iconography, mythology and pop culture in the style of works by Old Masters. Białecka's paintings are studies of femininity, power (or titular impotence) of a contemporary woman who nowadays often plays masculine roles as well. Addressing a whole spectrum of subjects related to femininity: motherhood, pregnancy or puberty makes her a feminizing artist, although not in an obvious way. Białecka also creates a lexicon of saints, where in commonly known iconographic representations men are replaced by women. St. Sebastian or a Good Shepard are no longer men keeping guard over patriarchal values. Here, the women overtake the hallowed masculine roles and are honored with sacralization, thus becoming new icons.


ARTTRAKT Gallery is located at the intersection of Ofiar Oświęcimskich Street and Solny Square in Wrocław, in a part of a Renaissance tenement house reconstructed after the II World War. It used to belong to a Wrocław patrician, Heinrich von Rybish, n.b. an art collector. After the War, the flat on the first floor of the building was a home of Eugeniusz Geppert – an artist, painter, founder and the first Rector of the State Higher School of Visual Arts (PWSSP); he lived and worked there together with his wife, Hanna Krzetucka – a painter and initiator of Eugeniusz Geppert Competition.



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